Thursday, November 8, 2007

Morning walk

After coming back from walking Dee to school, I decided to do a little window sight-seeing, and with my handy camera by my side, I took pictures.  I'm very proud of the shots I got, afterwards after having a good cup of coffee, I had a hard time deciding which ones to keep and which ones to delete... since I feel like all my photos are GREAT.  So out of one hundred and eleven pictures, I ended up deleting only three. 

It's was very nice to be out... and because I am very shy in person and language handicapped... I felt comfortable around the few people around me.  I did make a friend in a cat that was following me everywhere.  The Muniz in me wanted to come out and steal it... but I refrained myself.  (Inside joke to those who knew my dad.)  I want to keep our home open for a future chihuahua. 

Anyway, here are several of my favorite photos.  Leave me a comment if you want.

IMG_9712 IMG_9713


IMG_9735 IMG_9758

IMG_9767 IMG_9769

IMG_9796 IMG_9812

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