Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kvinde, kend din bil!

Looking through Kalundborg's LOF course programs, I came across the title above.  With the little Danish that I know, I believe it says, "Women, know your car!". 

It's a three-hour course in Ubby.  A mechanic will show you where, how, and the importances of oil, coolant, window glass cleaner for vehicles.  All basic car maintenance, which I just realized that took for granted while living in the U.S. cause my dad and brother would always take care of my vehicle maintenance for me.  I mean, I was never a goober about vehicle maintenance.  I knew the basics and could manage myself if needed, but still...

I was told by some of the girls at the sprogskole that I go to that they are doing a cooking course in Thai cuisine.  I still have not found it.  I love Thai and Vietnamese cuisine so I was hoping to take a course this coming year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chrismas Eve

Since I normally take the pictures, I am never in any. At least mine.

For once, the notorious Chupacabra was caught.

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Christmas Eve in Houston

In Houston, we have our own nisser.

I think this box is too big for this little nisse. She was caught red-handed. Little nisse, the package is too big for you to run off with.

Houston nisser love to feast on fajita's on Christmas eve.

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Christmas Eve

One of the hardest parts of living abroad during holidays is being away from your family.

I have not been one who really enjoyed all the chaos that comes with celebrating Christmas. Living in Houston, the kids and I spent it quietly. Their father and I would split the holidays. Normally, I'd have them for Thanksgiving and he would for Christmas, but as they grew older, they'd spend it with me. Sometimes I'd have to force them to open their presents, three days later.

Don't get me wrong. It wasn't ALL HUMBUGISH. Of course we'd have my parents and brother over for Christmas eve dinner, and then the next day, for lunch. It was just quiet.

So with the Christmas holidays approaching, I was dreading the unknown. I know this is one of the biggest holidays for the Danes. They start preparing in October. Next comes the outrages Christmas lists. How can one afford the desired gifts, I will never know.

Stress. Stress. Stress. That is what I do well.


Anyway, we spent our Christmas Eve with some really good friends. They are actually very sweet.

It was a very traditional dinner. Duck, pork, potatoes, and gravy. Dessert was rice pudding with almonds. Our hostess is a very good cook. Along with another American couple, after dinner, we played a very long game of UNO.

I have not had a Christmas eve like this in a very long time. It was actually enjoyable. Great conversation. Great friends.

Even if I couldn't spend this holiday with my Houston family, spending it with the King, my Dee, and my small, but close group of friends was nice.

Thanks Anita, Jack, pigerne, Jim and Peter for great evening.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Laser cat and the beast

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As always, I have to admit that when Denmark's weather clears, the surrounding area is beautiful.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Town Square

After visiting my mother-in-law, we stopped off near the town square. Coming up to this massive tree, I could only feel sad. Such a beautiful ginormous tree, to be used as a holiday decoration, then to be thrown away. My husband tells me that they are recycled... still...
As a child, we used a white metal Christmas tree that belonged to my grandparents. Bought sometime in the 1950's. Anyway, my brother who has upgraded to a more modern tree, still has that old 1950's tree. A sweet momento from our great ones.

O'Christmas tree...

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Classic Rock 2009

I always look forward to receiving a new edition of Classic Rock Magazine. This is my gateway to proper rock music of every sub-rock-genre, old and new.

January's 2010 edition has the top best 50 albums, as chosen by classic rock critics. I was happy to see that Pearl Jam's, Backspacer came in at #22 AND I was shocked to see that Alice In Chains, Black Gives Way to Blue, came in at #1. Hmmm....

Looking forward to hearing the new albums from Muse, Black Crowes, Bigelf, The Dead Weather, Band of Skulls, and Queensryche.


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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Susi Q

She was not happy with me here in this photo.

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The Santa Run

Santy Claus

The King braved the crowd down on the street, but I got the better shots from our apartment.

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Three times a charm


I have already posted Ghost or Dust Particles, When she's not an Evil Laser Cat, and She can't resist, three times.  Blogger just does not like me posting photos direct from my computer.  Seems like it prefers from my Picasa Album... so... I guess... I will  upload from there.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ghost or dust particles?

As I was trying to take a photo of our schools new tree, MJ popped in trying to hit me.

I snapped the proof of her brutality towards me.

The Dutch. What can I say?

So... I uploaded this photo, to do a little editing.

MJ and I were both surprised to see all the orbs floating around. Exciting!

Unfortunately the King doesn't share the same enthusiasm about orbs as we do. He says that they are just dust particles. He may be right since I had finished sweeping.

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When she's not an evil laser cat

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She cannot resist candles

The candle wax was a little too hot for her paw, and you'd think she'd learn... BUT NOOOOO!!!!

After shooing her off the table, I had stepped away for about a minute. When I came back, she had managed to turn five other candles out.
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Toilet on the train

I was shocked to find out that I just tinkeled on the railroad tracks.

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The veteran train

Today was our towns Christmas market, and with this, comes the old train. We decided to take a round trip to Jyderup and back. It was an interesting ride, a bit loud, and slow moving... but the kids onboard seemed to enjoy it.

The King

One thing that I do have to admit is how breath taking Sjælland is. I know this might sound cheesy, but I love seeing it's nature with the King.

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Smoke on the water

Friday night, I went to hear the boys practice some Deep Purple, Twisted Sister, and Led Zepplin.

I have to say I was very impressed, especially with The Animal. He bangs away on his drums like there's no end.

Hats off to The Animal, The King, The Doctor, and Smooth Fingers.

Awesome guys!

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Caught in the act

He saw some older boys kicking the light post. After the boys ran to another, he decided to give it a try.  He kicked it and the light turned off.  He started laughing... and jumping up and down excited.  He then turned to us and yelled that he didn't know why he's going to kick the pole again, but that it was fun. 

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