Saturday, February 27, 2010


My daughter, with video in hand, set out on a quest one Saturday morning.  Her main goal was to seek out what was the reason why a person would leave their home country.

She pleasantly surprised me by showing up at the language school.  Actually made me proud that she would consider all of us.  (The weekday/night classes are more juicier than the small Saturday class.)

Anyway, here's a rough draft of her video of what she hopes will be the visual side of her 9th grade project.  She is now working on the oral presentation, in which she tells me is the hardest.    


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PRIK detergent

For just around $10.00 you can buy 3 Priks at Kvickly Supermarket.

I wonder if it smells good. What a name for detergent.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


There are a few things that I really enjoy about my new host country.  The friends I have met along the way. 

My old man has reconnected with most of his childhood friends.  I on the other hand am a little more reserved about the people.  I think because we really don't have much in common.  So, when I do make friends, I make some really COOOOOOOL friends. 

The Netherland herself, MJ, is one for example.  She's liberal, can talk about all sorts of music, horror movies, books, share family stories of WW2, conservationist, loves cats, food, is learning to love hot peppers, is a swinger, a hash supporter, and so on... well maybe not the swinger and hash supporter, but who knows? 

We threw her a party and had a blast last night.  And you know what?  Like humans and fish can coexist peacefully, so can Danes, Americans, Brazilians, and groovy Dutch people.  GOLD MEMBER!!!


What we overheard

You know, I don't care how much people say that learning Danish is important to communicate and integrate with the populace,  IT WILL NEVER BE MY FIRST LANGUAGE!!!

Case in point.

Friday, when MJ and I were walking out of our break room, me being in deep conversation about the lack of rock music, we passed through the hallway where all the kids tend to lounge.  (After my last encounter with them, where I actually listened to what they were saying, I was called basically called a derogatory word... and was told by the vice-principle to ignore them.  Which I do now.)

Anyway, MJ and I ALWAYS speak English.  As we were passing the kids, snot-nosed 9th graders, MJ over-heard their conversation.

Boy 1:  Man they really irritate me when they talk.

Boy 2:  Yeah... but look at their tits.

As I was about to tease her about HIM and their song about tearing the wings of a butterfly, I saw that her face turned red.  We had not turned the corner yet.  I was asking her what was wrong.  She grabbed my elbow and pushed me to walk faster.

In the teachers lounge, she told me what had happened and asked if she should report it.  You can't report it if you didn't see who said it, right?

English will always be my first language.  It is universal.  As long as I am around my friends that are not from my host country, and prefer to use it, we will.  Doesn't mean that I am going to force it onto the populace.  I will be responsible and speak Danish through my husband.  If push comes to shove, and I have to put on my boxing gloves, I can accomplish my Danish skills pretty good.  BUT AGAIN... English will always be spoken to my old man, dander, and MJ. 


Saturday, February 13, 2010


It has become a project at the school that I work at.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My silly Marine

I had the strangest web-cam conversation with my son this morning. He'd been up for almost two days.

I believe the Marine Corp. just boosted his arrogrance a little further. He had to invite me to the gun show. He is proud of his muscles.

At 19, they believe they are invincible. Every time I think about his chosen career, my heart can only hurt.
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Denmarks version of Halloween is coming up in a few weeks and the kids are working hard decorating their barrels. Today these barrels are filled with candy, fruit, and a black cat decoration on the outside. But back in the days, they were filled with an actual black cat. The kids, and probably adults, would beat on the barrels, with the cat inside. This was to ward off evil doings.

I have never attended a Fastelavn celebration, but I think it's cute when I see the kids get into the preparations, such as decorating the barrels.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things that happened to me these past two months

1.  Girl that made a joke about me being a darkie was reprimanded at school.  Things are awkward now, since it seems we seem to ALWAYS pass each other in the hallway. 

2.  One of the little boys in the kinder class walked up to me, as I was arranging some tables, grabbed a hold of my hand and licked my arm.  I pulled away from him and looked at him strangely.  A pedagog quickly walked up to us, crouched down to him and asked him why he licked my arm.  He told her that he wanted to see what I tasted like.  He thought I tasted spicy hot.  (Weird kid)

3.  I had been asked by a neighbor at a dinner party I was having if I ate pork.  I told him that I was Mexican-American.  WE EAT EVERYTHING except for human flesh.

4.  Walking back from language school and taking the shopping street route, I happened to pass a little old lady.  She took one look at me and grabbed a-hold of her purse.  Like really, really, REALLY tight death grip hold to it.  I pushed out my bottom jaw, where the bottom teeth over-lapped the top teeth and held down my bottom lip and showed her my werewolf look.  Bulging my eyes out didn't help.  I wanted to make sure to REALLY scare her. 

5.    I have befriended a few of the 4th graders at my school.  They are so funny that when they see me, they all charge towards me.  Full-force.  One time, I had to leave my cart and run for my life.  Eventually they did catch up to me and I was bombarded with hugs.  Damned my slow 40-something legs.  :)

6.  My stupid co-worker scared me so bad that she made me fart... REALLY LOUD. 

Nemt til alt - hver halve time

The sign on the bus says, "Access to everything, every 30 minutes".

We thought it was funny since we were waiting for our bus for the second time in the cold, freezing weather. We could not even get on Movia's website for information.

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Wednesday's wait

What I hate about snow is the fact that I can never get to work. The small country roads get all iced over and the snow-plowers seem to forget that people do live out in the boondocks.

So there we were... MJ and I were stranded at the bus station and freezing. We did try to make an effort to wait for the bus.  Two times!  But bus never came.

After the second attempt, we decided to have lunch at Føtex.  After an hour of prolonging our intake of burger and fries, without a bus sighting, we left for the apartment.

Bossman was not happy, but what could we do?

Then I noticed that our fjord was semi-iced over. Cool!

Have I said that I hate snow?

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The King

He looked like a wet mole.

I was glad that he made it home safe, sound, and sexy wet.

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Tuesdays snow storm

Yeah, we had a snow storm on Tuesday. I was a somewhat freaked out about it cause in Houston we really don't get much snow. MJ and I were able to leave work early, which I think pissed off the other two ladies. BUT HEY, we live about 25 kilometers away and have to take public transport. Anyway, bossman told us that the last bus was leaving at 12:30 and to take it.

We made it back into town and was bombarded with dangerous snow flurries.

MJ had to put her shades on. Who knew that snow could burn your eye?

The walk from across the street took us a while. Snow was piling up and we could not stop laughing.



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Another day in hell

My last classroom to clean was a shock. Not that I am surprised that this had happened, since lately I have been cleaning huge piles of crap from the restroom floors and decorated smeared pooed walls. Still I would think that the teachers would have consideration for us and wait til the last kid leaves the class and lock the door.

But NOOOO... door unlocked equals kids having a hell of a snowball fight in the classroom.

Little fuckers.

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Guilty Pleasure

After making our way through the snow filled streets of Malmö, we came across an American store.
The last time my husband saw me all giddy, laughing like a crazed woman, and jumping with excitement was our trip to London last year. Saturday was pure excitement for me. Oh how I miss home.

I walked out of the store with a back-pack full of rootbeer, variety of candy, a large can of tomatillos, syrup, mustard, etc... It was heavy, but all worth it.

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Malmö, Sweden

The day that we decide to spend a day in Malmö, it snowed heavely the evening before. (Sigh)

See the guy doing the last checks on the ferris wheel?

It was cute to see a dad pulling his kid on a slid.

Marching band

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