Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friends and fun

Before seeing Rodde Mor Saturday night, Kingkeld, Morten, Tina and I stopped off for a bite of Indian food. It was GOOOOOOOOOOD.

I took this picture of Morten before we left his place.

New Indian restaurant that opened in Slagelse.

Tina and Morten.

Tina and freak Morten.

My baby doll.

Inside of Slagelse's Musikhus.

In line waiting to order a beer.

"Where's the dang-on beer?"

The guys getting an autograph from Erik Clausen.

Kingkeld's tickled pink about his autograph.

"ROCK ON!!!!"

The bass player was laying on the floor... while Morten wanted to give him his beer and Kingkeld taking a picture.

As I was trying to snap photos of the concert, Morten pops in. He's a freak!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion on the Indian! We had to go to Slagelse for a part for the car and stopped in to eat. YUMMY! It wasn't buffet night but we will definitely go back for that. Mark got the Devil chicken. *drool*