Monday, August 4, 2008

Kronborg Castle

Yesterday we went to visit Kronborg Castle in a town called Helsingor, where Hamilet is supposed to have happened in Shakespear's tragic story.

Originally, Kronborg castle was a fortress named Krogen, built about 1420 by Eric of Pomerania. It was later rebuilt by Frederick II in 1585 who renamed it Kronborg. In 1629, two careless workers, who were probably "toasted" to the max, as well as playing with fire, burnt the castle down. Only the Chapel survived. 1629, Christian IV's crew did their best to restore it.

I must admit, it was pretty amazing to see it with my own eyes.

(I love this picture and was glad to have caught it with rain clouds above.)

Another one of my favorite pictures.
(Kinkeld, Dee, Jo, and Steffen.)

Are these canons facing Sweden? Not that they'd reach.

Dee is the new guard.

We were waiting in line to buy tickets.

A fun key hole to a chiffonier dresser.

We finally made it into the grand ballroom. We actually walked into a tour group and their guide.

The grand ballroom.

This castle had restrooms installed within. I guess something different for that time. Anyway, Kingkeld is demonstrating his usage.

Monkey see, monkey do do.

Entrance to the chapel.

I was kinda disappointed that there was no "headless troll" underneath this... such as the one in Gavnoe's chapel...

but there was a Dee hiding in the pews.

Waiting for me to come out of the restroom.

Entering the catacombs of Kronborg.

Holger Dansk (Olgier the Dane)

Dee... darkness... and one flashlight.

These were from Green landers... and out of bone.

At the top of the tower.

After the rain cleared, Kronborg seemed more friendlier.

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  1. Yay I am so glad you got to go! I love this castle so much and never mind going when people come to visit. You got some great shots too :)