Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kvinde, kend din bil!

Looking through Kalundborg's LOF course programs, I came across the title above.  With the little Danish that I know, I believe it says, "Women, know your car!". 

It's a three-hour course in Ubby.  A mechanic will show you where, how, and the importances of oil, coolant, window glass cleaner for vehicles.  All basic car maintenance, which I just realized that took for granted while living in the U.S. cause my dad and brother would always take care of my vehicle maintenance for me.  I mean, I was never a goober about vehicle maintenance.  I knew the basics and could manage myself if needed, but still...

I was told by some of the girls at the sprogskole that I go to that they are doing a cooking course in Thai cuisine.  I still have not found it.  I love Thai and Vietnamese cuisine so I was hoping to take a course this coming year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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