Monday, July 5, 2010

Angry Co-Workers

I can't understand why it's so important that I "hygger sammen", or socialize together during my breaks with my co-workers. Why is it a problem for everyone that I sit alone, read my magazine, and eat in silence?

I am a very quiet person. I may have this dark and brooding look to me, but I am actually happy inside. AND, as I recall, the last time I socialized with my co-workers, boss included, they all thought I was a huge freaking weirdo cause I was eating an avocado, tortilla sandwhich and reading the latest FANGORIA magazine that had a putrified zombie on the front cover.

So with this "hygger sammen" being brought up to me by my boss, and him telling me with pouty lips that they all hate seeing me eat alone, I will have to start working the early shift, 6 am til 2 pm. He says that I will have a better relationship with the girls.

Better relationship?

See the skeleton above? This skeleton caused a raucous the last day of school. The reason for it was because MJ and I decided to pull a prank on THE GIRLS. I figured since it was going to be the last day of school and MJ's last day to work with us, I should bring out Mads, the human skeleton, and place it in front of the window less doors. (These doors are the first to be opened and the first thing that the girls would see. )

It was positioned in the right spot. The plan was set.

I come in the next day to sour faces and doors slamming. Even the boss was upset and gave me a long hard look. The last day of school and not even a good bye, have a good weekend, hug and love you farewell.

Interesting come August when I am supposed to start early because I am expected to socialize and become better friends.
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  1. This remind me of someone who got scolded for taking something else than smørrebrød in her "madpakke".

  2. Yeah, I think I remembered reading that on one of the other blogs.

    What's so freaking wrong about being different? It's so g.d. irritating.

  3. I know someone that got scolded constantly because they didn't pack their half danish child's lunch with smørrebrød and got BANNED from adding chips, saftevand or any type of sandwich based on "American Bread", but including Nutella, kinder eggs or Mælkesnitter was encouraged.

  4. Been there and got the t-shirt. What never fails to startle me is how remarkably similar our experiences at work are. It doesn't matter what end of Denmark we are in, or where we work, we'll still get the frown if we choose to eat or take our breaks in peace.

  5. Ha ha, I love love love the photo with this post, and I love the fact that you brought the skeleton to work! Danes may be quite smug about their "ironisk" humor, but honestly, very few of them really understand humor when it comes down to it.

    I only wish there'd been a hidden camera when Gitte, Dorte, Berthe and Pernille came face to face with Mads!