Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally it's the weekend

Unemployed for 7 months took a toll on me.

My first week working at Novo has been tiring.
Schedule: Wake up at 3:45 am, get to work at 4:55, start cleaning the labs at 5, and so on... then come home at 3, whether by car or bike, and depending what day of the week it is, I had to go to two Danish night classes... wooooooo.

I am pooped!

Ectatic that it's the weekend.

Kingkeld has gone to the Megadeth concert with Mikael... Dee is in her room chatting with hot babes on-line... and after my nap, I am relaxing with X-files reruns.

Tomorrow off to Næstved to visit Mor and maybe catch up with some photography.
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