Sunday, February 17, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Yesterday morning, before we left for Næstved, we went to Kvickly for our Saturday buffet ritual. As usual, it was great. Afterwards we drove to Slagelse, picked up Torben, and went to visit Mor. At the moment, she is in a nursing for rehabilitation. The sweet dear cannot walk on her own. She fell down a few times in her apartment, spraining her arm and knee.

As the boys went to her apartment to pick up a few necessities, I stayed with her. She is very confused and tired about the whole situation. I can understand that, since she has always been a determined woman, capable of being on her own. This situation has really made me sad.

I dread the day when I get old. Will I still be here in Denmark or back home within the comfort of my kids?

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