Sunday, February 14, 2010

What we overheard

You know, I don't care how much people say that learning Danish is important to communicate and integrate with the populace,  IT WILL NEVER BE MY FIRST LANGUAGE!!!

Case in point.

Friday, when MJ and I were walking out of our break room, me being in deep conversation about the lack of rock music, we passed through the hallway where all the kids tend to lounge.  (After my last encounter with them, where I actually listened to what they were saying, I was called basically called a derogatory word... and was told by the vice-principle to ignore them.  Which I do now.)

Anyway, MJ and I ALWAYS speak English.  As we were passing the kids, snot-nosed 9th graders, MJ over-heard their conversation.

Boy 1:  Man they really irritate me when they talk.

Boy 2:  Yeah... but look at their tits.

As I was about to tease her about HIM and their song about tearing the wings of a butterfly, I saw that her face turned red.  We had not turned the corner yet.  I was asking her what was wrong.  She grabbed my elbow and pushed me to walk faster.

In the teachers lounge, she told me what had happened and asked if she should report it.  You can't report it if you didn't see who said it, right?

English will always be my first language.  It is universal.  As long as I am around my friends that are not from my host country, and prefer to use it, we will.  Doesn't mean that I am going to force it onto the populace.  I will be responsible and speak Danish through my husband.  If push comes to shove, and I have to put on my boxing gloves, I can accomplish my Danish skills pretty good.  BUT AGAIN... English will always be spoken to my old man, dander, and MJ. 


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