Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things that happened to me these past two months

1.  Girl that made a joke about me being a darkie was reprimanded at school.  Things are awkward now, since it seems we seem to ALWAYS pass each other in the hallway. 

2.  One of the little boys in the kinder class walked up to me, as I was arranging some tables, grabbed a hold of my hand and licked my arm.  I pulled away from him and looked at him strangely.  A pedagog quickly walked up to us, crouched down to him and asked him why he licked my arm.  He told her that he wanted to see what I tasted like.  He thought I tasted spicy hot.  (Weird kid)

3.  I had been asked by a neighbor at a dinner party I was having if I ate pork.  I told him that I was Mexican-American.  WE EAT EVERYTHING except for human flesh.

4.  Walking back from language school and taking the shopping street route, I happened to pass a little old lady.  She took one look at me and grabbed a-hold of her purse.  Like really, really, REALLY tight death grip hold to it.  I pushed out my bottom jaw, where the bottom teeth over-lapped the top teeth and held down my bottom lip and showed her my werewolf look.  Bulging my eyes out didn't help.  I wanted to make sure to REALLY scare her. 

5.    I have befriended a few of the 4th graders at my school.  They are so funny that when they see me, they all charge towards me.  Full-force.  One time, I had to leave my cart and run for my life.  Eventually they did catch up to me and I was bombarded with hugs.  Damned my slow 40-something legs.  :)

6.  My stupid co-worker scared me so bad that she made me fart... REALLY LOUD. 

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