Monday, October 29, 2007

Favorite things I miss.

Here are ten things, other than my boys and brother, that I miss so much right now from the U.S.

1. Jack-in-the-box Black Cherry Milkshakes.

2.  Best Buy and Fry's.  (The few electronic stores that I've seen here are pretty unorganized and small.  One day, I'll have to go and check out the Expert that's located in Copenhagen.  I hear that it's a better one.)

3.  Carlos Mexican Restaurant's Saturday and Sunday morning buffet.  Gosh!  The MIGAS are awesome.  Also, I have to admit that I do miss Las Ramadas margaritas. 

4.  My cat Jackie.  She's a sweet girl.

5.  24-Hour Walmart.  Open seven days a week too.

6.  Showtimes - Dexter. 

7.  The Woodlands Mitchell Pavilion and The Verizon.  Dammit!  All them damned good concerts that were just right outside my front door.  

8.  Deerbrook Mall's AMC Theatre

9.  Hot Topic

10.  STARBUCKS!!!!!!  Raspberry Green Tea Frappuccino's are my FAVORITE.

OH... I can't leave this out too.

11.  Baba Yega's Restaurant located in the middle of Montrose.  I recommend it to everyone.  Actual photos Keld and I took there.


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  1. Hey Chica! I'm back! I need to go check out that restaurant that you mention. Sorry you miss all these places! If I could, I would pack up one thing from each of them and I'd send you a care package, but I don't know if the shake from Jack in the Box or the Starbucks will be in such great condition when they arrive. Love ya!