Friday, December 28, 2007

Concert pictures

I was clearing and organizing my pictures when I came across the Morningwood and The Sounds concert.  I have to tell ya, it was actually a good one. 

HPIM2931.jpg morningwood poster image by MFinster HPIM2902.jpg image by MFinster

HPIM2903.jpg image by MFinster HPIM2898.jpg image by MFinster HPIM2922.jpg image by MFinster HPIM2920.jpg image by MFinster HPIM2918.jpg image by MFinster HPIM2913.jpg image by MFinster HPIM2904.jpg image by MFinster 

The Sounds

HPIM2927.jpg image by MFinster HPIM2926.jpg image by MFinster


HPIM2925.jpg image by MFinster

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