Monday, December 3, 2007


Yesterday, we spent the day with Mor/Bente. 

I really do like visiting her... especially having lunch or dinner with her.  She's a wonderful cook... but you know... it's not so much her cooking that appeals to me... she's enjoyable to be around with.  She's has great stories to tell... knows everything about life... and her soul is very comforting.  A lot like her younger son, Kingkeld. 

One thing that I have noticed, the Petersen's who I am starting to become so familiar with,  from the young to the old, are awesome. 

Anyway, here are some shots I took of Bente's house.  It was so nicely decorated for Christmas. 

I hope it brings a little Christmas cheer to you.


IMG_0450 IMG_0451  IMG_0453  IMG_0456

 IMG_0457  IMG_0462

 IMG_0463  IMG_0469

 IMG_0470  IMG_0476

 IMG_0478  IMG_0480 

 IMG_0486 IMG_0505

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  1. Yeah... us Petersens really ARE awesome!
    Monique, I love you very much and I truly love reading your posts. I love the way you are dedicated in your photos and I love seeing the results every time you post a new blog. I love you!