Sunday, October 3, 2010


Boy have I been busy. 

Started new hours at work.  Early morning shift.  Actually way too early for my taste.

Will start a new job come November.  I am really glad for that because instead of it being an hour commute by bus, it's just a 10 minute walk.  :)

Been going to language class at night and preparing for my big test in November and December.  If I pass the test, then I am finally done with language class.  My last step for an early residency is to organize a forening, society/interest group.  I am pretty proud of myself at how much Danish I have learned in three years.  I still have a slight problem with grammar, but from what I am told with practice it will get better, but the most important is the I am easily understood.  Hmmm... people don't run from me anymore. 

Last but not least, I have learned a new hobby called nålbinding or needle binding.  I think it's going to be a well enjoyed diversion and a serious, costly addiction.  I think I go to the yarn shop like every three days.  Not good.  :)   I have been busy making 100 % wool hats, scarves, mittens, purses, and socks for my family in Houston.  Christmas gifts that my daughter will be delivering soon. 

Soon I will be posting photos of my projects. 

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  1. Of course you're gonna pass your tests. You're doing great!