Friday, October 22, 2010


Seems like the ghost that we are sharing our apartment with is being very mischievous.  Yesterday when we came home, I found our kitchen window wide open.  I lost a water canister, but glad that Laser Cat didn't notice the window open and falling to her death. 

My husband doesn't believe that we have a ghost, but I have seen him a few times peering around the corner of our door ways. 

I have a feeling he watches us when we sleep and feel soft caresses on my cheek or feel my hair move off of my face.  I know it's not my husband cause when I'd wake up, I'd turn to him but see that he's sleeping and snoring. 

Just a few minutes ago, as we were watching Aliens on the big screen, my daughter came to me and told me she heard a noise in the kitchen.  I noticed that Laser Cat was also staring towards the kitchen.  So the King just went into the kitchen to see.  I went as backup.  We checked everywhere.  Nothing. 

Is it bad when the cat stays behind in the light... watching very closely?

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