Monday, October 18, 2010

Erotikmesse/Erotic Convention

It's normally a two hour trip to Copenhagen, one that I normally sleep away, but this time I kept myself busy with needle binding.

Copenhagen surely can't be compared to Houston, and I know Houston can't be compared to something like New York City, but after living in Denmark for three years, Copenhagen is always a nice outing. I especially love the variety of restaurants, such as the Paskistani/Indian restaurant we ate at. Mmmm....

We also attended the Erotic Convention. I giggled like a highschool kid and was awed at my first strip show. I was totally embarrassed with the male stripper. His show was not intended for the female crowd, dancing to "Relax", lathering his chest with white lotion, in his white undies and cowboy boots. Very disappointing. Still... it was fun and I saw a porno video version of Avatar. Nice. :)

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  1. this looks like... fun. when is the convention over?

    btw the socks you made look awesome. Nålbinding, is it like knitting? i've tried knitting before and i sucked. how long did it take you to learn?

  2. Hi chica! Hope all is good with you. Ummm... I think the erotic convention is only for one weekend. A must see though.

    To me nålbinding is more like sewing, since I use a large, flat sewing-like needle. It took me 30 minutes to learn, but about two days to get the actual hand on it. I can do the Oslo and Danish stitch. There are about 9 different stitches in total.

  3. I wish we could have gone.

    I think I've found like 15 stitches... need to start learning them all. :D