Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Good morning to all!  It's a cold rainy Tuesday morning.  Danielle is staying home one more day.  She's been sick since yesterday... and  I am sure she got sick from our Saturday night snow fight.  I think I may have bombarded her with one too many snow balls.  Doesn't help that I shoved some snow down her shirt too.  Sorry Dee! 

Anyway, I had the hardest time sleeping last night.  Normally I'm dreaming of an apocalyptic world taken over by flesh-eating zombies and there's only one person who can save us all... me... T H E    M O O S E... but last night, DENNY'S restaurant kept creeping in. 


Mmmmmmm... Two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs done the way you like them, two sausages, and two slices of bacon.  Then top it off with a Cup of Joe and all the refills I want.  (SIGH!)

I am sure once I do go back to visit family in the U.S. all these restaurants that I once loved will taste icky... with all the nasty fat... bad greasy foods.  At least I'm hoping it will. 

Okay.  Now to tell you about one more thing that I LOVE about Denmark.  His name is Bastian.  He's a West Highland White Terrier. 

The first time we saw Bastian, last month, was when he was outside in his yard.  It was the first time we were invited to hang out with Morten.  As Kingkeld, Dee and I were walking up to his house, we noticed a cute little white pooch staring at us.  As we were approaching, we noticed that he slowly walked out of view.  We came around the bush he walked behind and he had this expression that seemed to say to us, "I hope they don't see me."  It was too cute.  Yes, he was a little shy.  Once inside the house and socializing with Morten, he started to warm up.

I must admit, he is the sweetest little guy I have ever met.  I still want to steal him away and bring him home with us.  Though I know Morten will not be happy since Bastian is his best friend.



Note to Bastian:  See Bastian, there was no need for you to send me THAT email this morning.  Ozzie the cat made me do it. 

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  1. yeaaa right its not over yet $$$$$
    Bastian :-)