Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vor Frue Kirke

The other night, I took this picture of Kalundborg's church. It's about 800 years old.

A little bit of history on this amazing church.

It church was built by Ingeborg, daughter of the city's founder. He was called Esbern Snare. The unique church's design is based on a Greek cross, where the four arms are each hold a tower and fifth tower, located in the middle, resting on four granite pillars above the middle of the church. The castle-like look, is not because of Kalundborg castle, but is supposed to symbolize the heavenly Jerusalem where God and humans, according to the bible, will live together to the end of time. In medieval times, the heavenly Jerusalem was often pictured as an armored city with five towers. In 1827, the middle tower collapsed, but was rebuilt in 1871.

I will have to look for some photos that I have on this church.

Good night!

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