Friday, January 25, 2008

Childhood friends.

Growing up in Bonita Gardens during the late '70's was not bad. As a kid, I was always surrounded by good friends. Our wooden house, which was sitting on blocks, was situated on Los Angeles street. A predominately Hispanic street.

Summer times were great. Everyone was always outside working on their rose gardens and you could always hear the sound of cicadas wings chirping away. One thing that I do remember, and can still taste, is the smell of tortillas. Funny how some memories leave a lasting impression. Tortillas... tortilla's with peanut butter and sugar. The Salinas's house... oh how I loved being invited to eat at Ramona's house with the girls. Her beans and rice were to DIE FOR!

Gosh, so many memories coming to me on this cold, windy day.

Here are some photos I came across.

These four girls are part of the Salinas family. I spent many a summers playing with them.

There I am sitting down, with my head slightly turned, talking to my aunt and Sanjuana.

Here's my grandmother talking to one of the neighborhood girls... oh... and my little brother in the yellow shirt.

Growing up in the hood was fun.
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