Thursday, January 10, 2008

Best Vacation ever!

It was nearing the kids summer vacation and we were trying to decide where to go.  Of course our destination state was going to be Florida. 

Since we had already spent two weeks in Orlando, and the prior year after that, Dee and I went on a two week trip with my parents, visiting Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami... I wanted to do something a little different and more challenging. 

With a little organized planning and making a few phones calls, the kids and I were set and ready to drive to Islamorada, Floriday Keys.  The hotel was booked and we had three days to get there. 

June finally came.  School was over.  The truck was giving a clean bill of health.  The bags packed.  With my trusty printed map, Christian nominated as my "co-pilot", and everyone buckled in, we set out for our trip.

We took I-10 all the way.  The kids got a kick over the fact that we were driving over the Atchafalaya swamp.  The bridge is about 7 miles.  Once we hit Mobile, Alabama, taking the bridge over the bay and just taking in the beauty of the water... we new Florida's border was there.

It took us two days in a half to get to Islamorada. 

Two weeks was not enough to absorb every corner of the Keys, but we tried our best and took in as much as we could.

I will never forget that time in my life, alone on the road with my kids.  The whole experience was a changing point in my life. 

Florida's beauty will always hold a warm place in my heart and soul. 

On our way to Key West.  We stopped to see the ocean and hoping to catch a glimpse of the ocean's wild life.



I am posing for Christian.  Key West.


Glass bottom boat ride.  We saw many schools of spotted sting-rays and an amazing coral reef.  Dee had tons of fun.


Islamorada Island. 




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