Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Royal Danish Life Guards

I had not been a new comer to visiting Europe. Most of my visits had been to the many regions of France, which to this day I am very happy to have known... so many great memories.

When I first met Kingkeld, and learned that he was from Denmark, I knew nothing about it. I had honestly mistaken it to being kin to Amsterdam. So, I went to a Barnes and Nobles book store and bought a Frommer's Travel Guide - Scandinavia.

My first visit to Denmark was March of last year. I was excited to see what new experiences, culture, and food I'd be introduced to.

The Royal Danish Guard

Their motto: "Pro Rege et Grege” (For King and People)

These Life Guards remain both a regiment of combat troops in line with other regiments and a regiment that performs guard and ceremonial tasks for the Royal House.

The Guard Parade marches through Copenhagen to Amalienborg Palace.

I have to admit. Seeing these guys on that March morning brought tears to my eyes.

I can't wait to take Dee to see this. I am sure she will be in awe as I was.

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