Friday, January 25, 2008


Wednesday evening we had dinner with friends to help Ole celebrate his entering into manhood.
Sex machine, I mean Ole, was an actual sweetie who treated us to a great Chinese meal.

Tusend tak Ole!

Here's Ole. The young pup.

These guys were at Camilla's place for a pre-birthday bash. Mikael was supposed to have taken us with him, but he was running late... and trying to give Kingkeld directions to her house... but it was getting too complicated, so we opted to meet them at the restaurant.

Kingkeld here waiting for the crew to arrive.

I caught Mikael on his phone again.

Ole is the pimp daddy. Check out the dollar sign.

Ole looks like a mischievous dreng.

Ole, I hope you had a fun time and may you have many more.

Thanks Mikael and Kingkeld for letting me borrow your pictures.

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