Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My morning started off in language class. It was my second day and like yesterday, I was lost. Wednesday's are apparently "special" days were everyone meets in their small auditorium-like room for group singing and discussions on world wide issues. Today's topic was Democracy. It was interesting to see how people felt about it... many debates were going on. Most of the refugees were against it which brought on many a heated arguments from the rest. Some of their reasonings were far beyond from what I myself could understand... ideas where religion governs life. I don't know. Just glad it's not me who has to battle fitting in to westernized culture and a strict religion.

So, Democracy ended with a 20 minute coffee break at Kvickly with one of my classmates, Edit, who is a fellow American, just from South America (Peru). We had a great time!

The last half of class started and ended with another debate about disciplining children. We all agreed with the fact that when a kids act up, when all the talk in the world doesn't help, that a spanking is needed then... BUT... we were told that spanking your kids in Denmark is against the law... with severe consequences. I guess that is why I always see bratty kids crying all the time... screaming... throwing tantrums... hitting their parents... and just being plain rude. Teachers kept telling us that children have rights here... so spanking is out.

Man, I remember being spanked all the time as a kid, having shoes thrown at me, or having cold water splashed in my face with no warning. I also remember egging my grandma on that her spanks were weak... to try harder. Pissed her off all time. Fun times!

So school ended kinda early and I met Kingkeld at Kvickly for lunch, something I have come to enjoy doing. Meeting Kingkeld and having lunch that is. He's cute.

A video of our walk back to the apartment.

We are off to have dinner with Morten. Be back with pictures.

Me love Morten and his crew, Bastian and Ozzy.

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