Monday, January 14, 2008


Since Saturday was spent recuperating from Friday night's party, Sunday was the day we went to visit Mor Bente.

Sunday morning was mostly gray sky. It wasn't a bad drive either. I was glad that Kingkeld chose to do the driving though so that I could take some pictures from my camera phone. (Gosh, I wish I had Mikael's camera phone. The quality of the pictures are GREAT!)

Nice windmill.

Typical Viking hill in the middle of a field.

Then we decided to stop off at a carwash. Dee and I decided to stay in while Kingkeld went to buy some coffee.

Dee just a little tired of me taking pictures of her.

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!" For some reason, after the carwash, the gray sky cleared.

I look so tired.

On our way to Næstved.


After hanging out with Mor, we went for a little stroll. Næstved is such a beautiful city.

Tiger is one of two stores that I love to go when visiting Mor... and when open.

The Pharmacy.

Local tattoo parlor had this statue. I thought it was a cute idea.

Later that evening, back in Kalundborg, we had a dinner date with Mikael. On our way to his apartment, passing one of the stores, these shoes caught my attention. Somewhere in the city, a Wookie is moving around with no feet. Yikes!

Hell, for 40 kroner, I think I might buy them.

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