Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Danish teens... 1980's

These days, I spend my time arranging my photos.. and I have to stress again... I have tons of 'em. Anyway, I just grabbed a new stack to work on, I came across these.

Kingkeld, 1980's, and goofy friends.

You will see here that this seems to be some kind of costume party... because WHY in the world would Kingkeld be dressed up as a ballerina... and biting something off a dangling string. I've always said, there's nothing more sexier than a man dressed in drag. He tilts his head back so D E L I C A T E L Y.

Awe... the fun time of extreme intoxication and a camera. He is TORE UP!

I believe the picture below was taken in 1987. I finally have an idea of what Kingkeld looks like with a perm and a Jon Bon Jovi t-shirt. Nice!

Kingkeld, along with some really good friends, started up a band called Deceiver. I should say that I am not really too familiar with Deceiver, and really would hate to get my facts wrong, but I do know that Kingkeld was very fond of this project.

Jesper Brogaard (lead singer) and Kingkeld.

I love this photo.

The guys, Jesper and Frank, have become nicely settled in their lives. Each are still pursuing their interest in music and one that I know (Jesper) has a band called Black Succubi. Check out their myspace.

Oh, here's a fun picture of Kingkeld and Jesper at the Roskilde Festival. Where's the chocolate syrup guys?

And here's Kingkeld and Jesper today.

I wish I had an incriminating photo of Keld and Frank during their younger years... but I don't. I do have a TODAY photo of them.

I have to admit. I am a bit jealous of Keld's life experiences in the '80's. As he was enjoying the many Roskilde's music festival, rocking out with his friends, and just enjoying freedom...while I was in Texas... dreaming of Roger Taylor (Duran Duran), listening to The Cure, and getting ready for the prom.

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  1. Moose! I love that picture of YOU! I wish we'd kept in touch during that period of our life!