Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday's Party

Mikael had a small party at his apartment this past Friday night. Kingkeld and I were the first to arrive at 11:45 PM. After everyone had arrived, it was communication from every side.

Kingkeld and I gave up the next day at 4 AM, but from what I am told, it ended for the rest at 8:30 AM.

These Danes sure can party.

Here I am waiting for Kingkeld to come home from work. Wondering if I will be able to handle the late night showdown.

Kingkeld and Ole aka The Sex Machine. I don't know if "Sex Machine" is true, but Carlsberg beer sure does.

Here I am with Philip. He's a Brit married to a Dane. I enjoyed talking to him and to know his point of view of Denmark and what England is like.

These two are few of the women (Lykke and Camilla) work work with the guys in the tubing/piping industry. Proves that women can handle that work industry too... as well as, handle their beer.

Oh the charm.

I must of really been into our conversation.

I must say that it really was a fun evening. Whether they are family, friends, or co-workers, Kingkeld surrounds himself around great people.

Nightie, night Ole.

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